Sunday, March 29, 2009

Why N1 TOGA ????

Well there you have it..this is the picture of the 737-400 EADI (Electronic Attitude Display Indicator).This is just a snapshot of the wilco's PIC 737 for flight simulator 2004.As you can see in the red circle,the entire row is called FMA (Flight Mode Annunciator).There are 4 columns,the first column is for the thrust mode,second is for pitch mode,third is for the roll mode and the last is autopilot mode.By looking at the FMA pilots will know what modes are the aircraft in now and what the plane is doing.As you can see in the picture the first column shows N1 which means the Auto Throttle are commanded to set the take off thrust(full or reduced thrust as set in the FMC).The second column shows TO/GA (Takeoff/Go-around),some may be asking why is it in the pitch column well it is there because during takeoff the thrust will maintain the N1 value as in the FMC and the only way to control speed is by pitch,so in the Takeoff Mode (TO/GA) the pitch will be commanded to maintain a speed of V2+20 knots.It will take a full course just to explain the details and I think this suffices...come on, go and open up your manuals hehehe...
(thanks didi for the correction.)


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