Friday, March 20, 2009

Phuket 2008

A friend of mine...and a drunk one..hehehe sorry mr.asrol

Patong Beach at Night a nice place for teenagers hehe....

Kamala Beach..someday i'll be a diver

This pictures are taken on our trip to Phuket,Thailand last year.The whole family went there we stay at my grandmother's house in Soi Saphan Hin for a week.Ohh and my mother is a thai but she's now a Malaysia citizen.I like it there in phuket,the food,the air,the environment and the girls haha..

Can you believe what do they actually serve here...damn!!!!

Mini Petrol Station for the motorcycle...and my brother 


laszlo said...

nice blog dinie :D

add la sekali chatbox, bole chat dgn visitors

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